HotFox Group

Hey there, welcome to HotFox! We're a group of artists, each with our own styles and quirks, collaborating together to create some amazing stuff. We pop up at conventions now and then, and we love teaming up on projects. Take a look around, you're part of our journey now. Our members are:

Cute demon girl with horns and a cheeky grin


Heyo! chibikurai here~ I specialize in Monster-girls/-boys and all sorts of kinky things. I'm tabling at cons since 8 years, so you'll find a lot of traditional commissions on my page. Every two years I'm also doing a Kinktober Art-challenge, so look forward to that this October and check out my Link below~

Cute girl with her tongue out and hearty eyes.


Heyooo! I'm Haeru, mostly an amateur artist but I specialize in a couple of NSFW kinks such as bondage (mostly DiD) and pits (─‿‿─) Though I usually draw women I'm a huge fan of femboys too!! If you're interested check out my links below~

Wolf girl with her mouth open.


Hey there, I'm Nyaxxy! I draw a VERY varied range of themes, characters and dynamics. I tend to draw a lot of fanart of Spice and Wolf, Vtubers and Kemonomimi in general, though I have some original characters that I enjoy sharing with the world too. If you're interested to see more, check out my links! :3

The character Akari with a bloody nose.


Hi! I'm Suguri! I draw a variety of things, but my favorites are pinups, belly-dancer themes and some bondage! There's a link somewhere here too!

Girl sticking out her tongue.


Hello! I go by Tenta. I like to draw erotic art during my free time! My go to favs will usually involve bondage, machine/toy play, pin ups, romantic erotic scenes with couples and of course, tentacles! I have a soft spot for brats ❤️

Girl sticking out her split tongue


Sup, The name's Tzai. The god of smol/TOLL dynamics and DD/lg accessories. I like spending most of my time thinking of playful character interactions and sketching drawings I'll never finish. I'm mainly a comic artist by trade and wish to tell stories that honor all the wonderful people in my life! You can find whatever I make in a myriad of places listed below!

Yeougui's Character Haneul doing a peace sign with her hand.


Hi I'm Yeou! I draw mostly kinky bondage themed art, although I also enjoy doing an SFW piece from time to time. I don't do much fanart, as I have my own universe of characters called "The Dungeon". You can find more about it and its characters on my sites below~